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Before any game is played I noticed on these boards plenty of statements on what will happen, why it will happen and a predicted score with it. Next fan comes on (opponent) and counters. Then the game is played and all the back and forth talk ends up as the term crow.

My definition of Crow: Making statement before the game based on your  judgement of teams record, stats and reputation. 

BCS Championship Game
Lets start with the BCS tittle game. On these boards for a month the predicted score was over 35 points for both teams. Oregon supporters felt L James, Thomas and   with their quick score offense will give Auburn fits all day. Au urn supporters felt that Cam Newton was a one man show, and since they where a Sec school the Ducks don't have a chance.
So what did we get? A close game decided at the end with a low score. Oregon defense step up to the task and Auburn defense made the key play with the safety. There was no shootout. Second Oregon kicking a FG after the goal line stand was a key to the Tigers win. 
Rose Bowl
With the Badgers OL and running game, TCU ranking and being favored won't matter. The Badgers are seen as a high scoring team that can run over anyone. TCU is seen as another Rocky Mountain school with no business being in the BCS. Most likely the BCS heads where glad when Utah and Boise took themselves out. 
TCU wins. Badgers are able to run the ball but the TCU defense only allows 2 td's. On offense, TCU makes JJ Watt a non factor and torch the Badgers secondary for three TD. Did we get the Badgers OL pushing TCU all day? No. 

Saints at Seahawks
NfC West in everyone minds was bad. Seattle wins it with a 7-9 record. They get to host a home playoff game and the opponent is the Saints. The talk turns to who will be the Saints next opponent. Its chalk up as a win because the Saints are the defending champions. The Saints came close to a first round bye. A 7-9 team has no reason hosting a home game in the playoffs.
Playing without Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory the Saints ride Drew Brees arm for 400 yards passing and 36 points.  The seahawks match it totaling 400+ to with Matt Hassselbeck passing for 270 and Marshawn Lynch 130+ on the ground. . The Saints jump out to a 10-3 lead and most likely everyone was thinking they where going to win. Seahawks score 17 in the second and are up at halftime by 4. Saints come back with 16 in the 4th and are up 2 before Lynch game clinching Td. 
Saints lose. Experts and most of us assuming are eating crow.

Watch The Games
I made a bad statement about the Packers having no runing game. Then James Starks runs for over 100 on the Eagles in the playoffs. Then a poster which I will keep nameless for this blog comes on a game thread on the COLLEGE FOOTBALL BOARDS to post a feel good reply. Thats Crow on my part. The less stupid prediction you make here will cause you to forget the taste of this dish. My new policy is to watch the games. Sure you can post up to the game. But it should be more about your own team problems and what you wish they can do about it. 
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