Posted on: February 18, 2011 11:14 am

NBA Eastern Conference Still Weak

Going into the All Star game break, the Eastern conference is once again reflecting two run away division leads, one up for grabs and several sub .500 teams with a legit chance of grabbing # 7 and spots. 
The East, at this point the Celtics, Heat, Bulls, Magic and Hawks are in. The order can change as the last 1/3 winds down to the playoffs. But we will see these five teams. The Knicks and Sixers have 6 and 7 for now. Pacers have the 8th over Bobcats with same amounts of wins but two less games played. 
Knicks and Sixers if they come out of the break stumbling might miss the layoffs. With the Pacers and bobcats, the Bucks and Pistons still can get hot and sneak in. Both teams have 21 wins and are 3 back from the 8th spot and 6 from 7th(Sixers). So its not a lock for the Knicks, who are only 2 games over  .500 28-26. 
The West. Once again compared to the East, this conference is balance from 1 to 8. The most likely 3 seed can still be decided by four teams. Thunder, Blazers, Nuggets and Jazz all have a shot at winning the Northwest. The Spurs have 46 wins but division foe Mavericks are at 40. Only one team at .500 the Suns has a chance to crack the playoffs which once again makes the West looking better then the East. 
If their any advantage lately comes playoffs time. The bottom three in the East are quick outs where as in the West you can go the max in the first two rounds. Might pay off for the East in getting rest. But maybe thats why the Lakers have won two out of the last three. They are tested. 

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