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Bears/Giants Preseason Notes

Driving my BF nuts watching and taking notes on Monday Night Football preseason game here are my observations from the first team before the game got out of hand.

Bears D #1

Ahmad Bradshaw comes out the gate and dashes the Bears defense playing without Lance Briggs for a nine yard gain. Bears defense recovers on 2nd and 3rd down aided by a false start call that took away a first down for the Giants. Giants go 3 and out.

Giants 0 Bears 0

Bear O #1

Giants burry the Bears deep with a 63 yard punt and it is 1st and 10 at the Bears 16. Matt Forte first carry is a 1 yard loss. J'Marcus Webb jumps off side setting up 3rd in long. On third down Roy Williams catch attempt is bobled and reviewed to be not a catch which would been a first down. 3 and out and Jaws is quick to bring up the Bears leading the NFL in 3 and outs last year.

Giants 0 Bears 0

Bears D #2

Bears defense makes the Giants go another 3 and out with Mario Manningham dropping a sure catch on second down. On third down Julius Peppers switches side and is able to make Eli Manning hurry his throw for the incompletion. 

Giants 0 Bears 0

Bears O #2

Matt Forte goes no where on two runs and Roy williams drops another third down ball that would been a 1st down. Wiliams is targeted twice at this point with two drops. 

Giants 0 Bears 0

Bears D #3

Giants finally get the action started. Opening drive nets a 1st down ad Ahmad Bradshaw picks it up on 3rd and short. Next set Peppers gets another hurry on ELI and Tim Jennings makes a great play wrapping up a screen pass for little gain on 3rd. On 4th down Giants go for it, play of the game #1, Manning hits Victor Cruz on  wheel route and the play is ran to the bears 10 yard line. Gruden brings up the short bears DB's. (What is the deal with short WR and DB) Giants fail to get the ball in the endzone as Briggs replacement Brian Iwuh makes a great play to knock down a sure TD catch to Hakeem Nicks. Giants kick a FG.

Giants 3 Bears 3

Bears O #3
Bears on first down Cutler hits Devinj hester with a 30 yarder to Mid field. Next play, play of the game #2, Cutler hits Forte with a screen and Matt makes a couple great juke moves for a 42 yard gain to the Giants 8. Inside the 10 the bears shut down with hester on 2nd slipping wide open,

Giants 3 Bears 3

Bears D #4

Special Teams fail on the kickoff and the Giants start out with a short field on the bears 31. Bears stuff the run on first and eat up a reverse by Manningham. Bradshaw takes a screen from Manning on 3rd for the first. Next play Jacobs dashes up the middle for a 18 yard TD run.

Giants 10 Bears 3

Bears O #4

Cutler is finally sacked on the first play. great job by the Bears OL to this point. Sack however is on Jay for not throwing the ball away. On third down Kellen Davis drops a pass that would been a 1st. Bears punt. 

Giants 10 Bears 3

Bears D #5

Bears D cause another Eli hurry on 1st and Jacobs is hit for a 4 yard loss on 2nd. Eli on third makes a great play to Manningham for the 1st down on 3rd. A split screen to Nicks  ia for a loss next with Bradshaw gaining 11 yards to put the Giants in FG range. Next series a 1st is called back for illegal touching by Cruz and Giants settle for a FG. 

Giants 13 Bears 3

Bears O #5

Jonny Knox makes a great kickoff return to the Bears 40. Marion Barber takes a Cutler screen for a 1st down. Earl Bennett makes a great catch from Cutler for 33 yards to the Giants 20. Chester Taylor then comes in and goes no where again. Bennett runs a Wildcat play next that called back because of a holding call. Bennett catch on 3rd down is short of the 1st and bears settle for a FG.

Giants 13 Bears 6

Karr replces Eli on the Bears 6th defensive series and the main defenders for the Bears are sitting. From the first five series the Bears look the same on offense. Kicking FG's. Gruden makes a great point that Daniel Manning defense will be missed.And last note rookie tackle Gabe Carimi does a great job on Justin Tuck in the first half.
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