Posted on: January 4, 2012 11:33 pm

B1G Jan. 2 VS the SEC

This is my observation about the problem of conference pride on these boards and the bashing of the B1G teams for their conbined effort on one day. My Badgers loss a shootout 45-38 to the Oregon Ducks in a BCS game to add to a 1-4 day that was a 0-5 on Jan. 1 2011. Two was Penn State getting lit up early from a deficit that they never recovered from but this is about the B1G vs the SEC in the other three games. I was flipping through the three in the morning before the Rose Bowl with the Spartans/Dawgs as the main game I was watching.

Ohio State vs Florida

The Gators scored first and the Buckeyes answer but from there the Gators score on a 99 yard kick return and later block a FG for a TD to pretty much seal the game at that point. Both QB's John Brantley and Braxton Miller look bad with both not even able to break 175 yards passing. The Buckeyes score late to get withen a score but failed onside kick seals it up for the Gators. 

Now a thread was started that the B1G is getting whipped. Is a 99 KO return and a block punt for a TD which are breaks that a opponent tries to benifets from meaning the the other got whipped?

Nebraska vs South Carolina

This game most likely lead to the thread for the B1G getting whipped. Taylor Martinez had a bad day passing looking worst than the two QB in the Gator Bowl and Black Shirts are on the field to long and cost them in the 4th as the Gamecocks take a three point game and pad 14 more for the winning margin. Now this game was a great defensive effort by SC and big plays on offense in the 4th to seal it. Bad loss but IMO the Huskers represented the B1G proud in their firsy bowl game in the conference.

Michigan State vs Georgia

The final nail to bring up that the B1G stinks. The Dawgs come out and take the early advantage dominating the Spartans on both sides and scoring the first 16 points with a safety included in that total and that 16-0 score would stand at the half. Cynical thinking has the spartans coming out and scoring a bunch of feel good post with the Dawgs getting enough to sail away. It is the SEC > B1G cynical stuff. But Kirk Cousin refuses to go out a loser rallies the Spartans back and they win in OT. That right there ends my madness of posters feeling that B1g team will lose to a SEC team. Because IMO the Spartans won it for Michigan State and not me.

Not me? Yeah we are all about a conference. But in conference play, and be truthful, when you face certain opponents there are history and a past that might have you on the edge when you play that team. That is team pride. But conference pride is a secondary way to feel good if your team fails in its NC pursuit. Thats is just my oponopn and observation. 

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