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A Year Away

Different tittle but same thread topic started on the Bulls</a> boards.<br /><br />First, Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah are holding us back. Once in five games these two look great and play the way we expect from starters that are known in the NBA. But this team this year is all about Derrick Rose must do it all.<br /><br />Philly game. Thibs stresses defense but watching that game Andre Iguodala and Thaddeus Young made those two look like a rookie with Elton Brand  points even though low look like they were confuse. Both will combined for 11 points to Andre and Thaddeus 38. Unacceptable. If you take the Pacers  loss, its those two no shows as Danny Granger went off that hurting this team. <br /><br />They are the problem and IMO they have no heart except once in five games. We are guard ordinated team as C.J. Watson looked good despite Thibs quitting and benching Derrick Rose in the 4th. Because this team wins when Rose is getting help with big games with Watson, Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer. Funny how when Rose was out and Thibs benched Noah and Brewer in the 4th in favor of Taj Gibson and Omer Asik that this team won. But I know Luol Deng is out, but he is not a low post player.<br /><br />We are a year away depending on what John Paxson does in the FA market and the draft. Or maybe he is another Jerry Aneglo!


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Bulls Hurt By Overpaid, unproductive Starters

Different tittle but same thread topic started on the Bulls boards. <br /><br /><br />First, Carlos Boozer</a> and Joakim Noah</a> are holding us back. Once in five games these two look great and play the way we expect from starters that are known in the NBA. But this team this year is all about Derrick Rose</a> must do it all.<br /><br />Philly game. Thibs stresses defense but watching that game Andre Iguodala</a> and Thaddeus Young</a>  made those two look like a rookie with Elton Brand</a> points even though low look like they were confuse. Both will combined for 11 points to Andre and Thaddeus 38. Unacceptable. If you take the Pacers</a> loss, its those two no shows as Danny Granger</a> went off that hurting this team. They are the problem and IMO they have no heart except once in five games. <br /><br />We are guard ordinated team as C.J. Watson</a> looked good despite Thibs quitting and benching Derrick Rose in the 4th. Because this team wins when Rose is getting help with big games with Watson, Kyle Korver</a> and Ronnie Brewer</a>.<br /><br />Funny how when Rose was out and Thibs benched Noah and Brewer in the 4th in favor of Taj Gibson</a> and Omer Asik</a> that this team won. But I know Luol Deng</a> is out, but he is not a low post player.<br /><br />We are a year away depending on what John Paxson does in the FA market and the draft. Or maybe he is another Jerry Aneglo!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

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B1G Jan. 2 VS the SEC

This is my observation about the problem of conference pride on these boards and the bashing of the B1G teams for their conbined effort on one day. My Badgers loss a shootout 45-38 to the Oregon Ducks in a BCS game to add to a 1-4 day that was a 0-5 on Jan. 1 2011. Two was Penn State getting lit up early from a deficit that they never recovered from but this is about the B1G vs the SEC in the other three games. I was flipping through the three in the morning before the Rose Bowl with the Spartans/Dawgs as the main game I was watching.

Ohio State vs Florida

The Gators scored first and the Buckeyes answer but from there the Gators score on a 99 yard kick return and later block a FG for a TD to pretty much seal the game at that point. Both QB's John Brantley and Braxton Miller look bad with both not even able to break 175 yards passing. The Buckeyes score late to get withen a score but failed onside kick seals it up for the Gators. 

Now a thread was started that the B1G is getting whipped. Is a 99 KO return and a block punt for a TD which are breaks that a opponent tries to benifets from meaning the the other got whipped?

Nebraska vs South Carolina

This game most likely lead to the thread for the B1G getting whipped. Taylor Martinez had a bad day passing looking worst than the two QB in the Gator Bowl and Black Shirts are on the field to long and cost them in the 4th as the Gamecocks take a three point game and pad 14 more for the winning margin. Now this game was a great defensive effort by SC and big plays on offense in the 4th to seal it. Bad loss but IMO the Huskers represented the B1G proud in their firsy bowl game in the conference.

Michigan State vs Georgia

The final nail to bring up that the B1G stinks. The Dawgs come out and take the early advantage dominating the Spartans on both sides and scoring the first 16 points with a safety included in that total and that 16-0 score would stand at the half. Cynical thinking has the spartans coming out and scoring a bunch of feel good post with the Dawgs getting enough to sail away. It is the SEC > B1G cynical stuff. But Kirk Cousin refuses to go out a loser rallies the Spartans back and they win in OT. That right there ends my madness of posters feeling that B1g team will lose to a SEC team. Because IMO the Spartans won it for Michigan State and not me.

Not me? Yeah we are all about a conference. But in conference play, and be truthful, when you face certain opponents there are history and a past that might have you on the edge when you play that team. That is team pride. But conference pride is a secondary way to feel good if your team fails in its NC pursuit. Thats is just my oponopn and observation. 

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Bears/Titans Preseason Games Notes

Coming off a blow out Monday night loss that first team kept close the Bears hope for a better showing as they traveled to Nashvile, TN for game three of the preseason. Different Titans team with both Kerry Colins and Vince Young gone. The Titans come into this game without star RB Chris Johnson with issues on a contract extension. Their new QB tonite is no stranger t the Bears in Matt Hasselbeck who they faced in the regular season in a loss and in the playoffs with a win playing with the Seahawks. 

Bears Offense #1
Bears start out great as Jay Cutler hits Roy Williams with a 17 yard completion on 1st down. Next play on 2nd Cutler is picked trying to go back to Williams by the Titans Michael Griffin. Looks like Lovie & Martz want to get Williams into the game early.

Bears defense #1
With great field position the Titans start inside the bears 40 yard line. three Hasslebeck passes with him in the shotgun 2nd and 3rd down and Tiitans bring in Rob Bironas who misses a 51 yard FG attempt.

Bears offense #2
Little movement on this drive by the Bears on the downs 1 & 2. On third down Cutler hits Earl Bennett with 18 yard hook up for a FD. Driving down Williams mis communication causes a sure big play on a 2nd down. Dane Sanzenbzcher bails out Williams next play with a 17 yard pick up. Bears in the red zone get a 2 plays later get a TD from Matt Forte up the middle. Impressive drive after the TO going 12 plays and for 59 yards.

Bears 7 Titans 0

Bears defense #2
On opening play Melton and brian Urlacher make a great play stuffing C Johnson's replacement Jamie Harper On 3rd and 8 Nick Roach helps the Titans by jumping off side but Hasselbeck is short on pass 3rd and 3 and the Titans punt.  

Bears offense #3
Bears start from their 19 yard line. Forte makes some moves to pick up 6 yards. The bears later would get two FD on third down and are 5-5 on third picking up FD to this point. Forte rips another big run for 14 yards and the bears are on the Titans side. Next another Forte run for 19 and another trip into the red zone.  Drop passes by the Bears and Robbie Gould in and misses a 29 yard FG.

Bears defense #3
Hasselbeck and Harper gets the Titans going this drive.  Switching run and pass the Titans drive to the Bears 34. Three plays later instead of a FG attempt the Titans go for it and are denied by a great play by Charles Tillman to break the pass up. 

Bears offense #4
Bears start from their own 29. 2nd down Cutler hits bennett to the Titans side of the field. Hester is wide open next but to short to haul in a catch as the ball grazes his fingers. Bears pick up enough yard to get int FG range where Gould hits a longer one from the miss at 29 with a 44 yarder.

Bears 10 Titans 0

Bears defense #4
Titans start from their 20. Nate Washington starts to make him self involved with great catch for 21 yards. Hasselbeck picks up 9 getting away from a sack. Urlacher makes another great help tackle with Israel Idonije to stuff on Harper. Next play Hasselbeck hits Ahmard Hall into the red zone. Four plays later Harper scores a 9 yard TD run.

Bears 10 Titans 7

Bears offense #5
bears go no huddle for three plays and halftime is reached.

Bears Defense #5
Harper still in the game at RB. Titans get a FD but stall and punt after that. Bears defense comes out at the half focussed. 

Bears offense #6
Bears go three and out looking lost to start their first second half drive. 

Bears defense #6
Jake Locker is in as the titans QB. Three and out results.

Bears offense #7
Caleb Hanie in for cutler at QB. Kahlil Bell has a couple short runs with a holding call later killing a great 10 yard pick up. Bennett picks up 20 yard pickup on a catch and Bears again in the Titans red zone. Hanie makes a mistake later throwing a pick six to the Titans Tommie Cambell.  

Titans 14 Bears 10

Bears offense #8
Bell makes some great runs as the OL is opening up good holes the entire game. Bears get into FG range and Gould hits his second to cut the lead to 1.

Titans 14 Bears 13

Bears defense #7

Zachk Bowman and Amobi Okoye make plays and Titans go three 
Bears offense #9

Once again a couple of god Bell runs but the Bears end up punting.

Bears defense #8
The Bears shut the Titans down. Titans punt but get a  FD when the Bears block the ball into the arms of a Titan who picks up the FD. Okoye makes another tackle for a loss and Titans end up punting.

Bears offense #10 
1:10 left and no time outs the Bears turn the ball over on downs.

Bears defense #9

Couple of knees by Titans and final is 14-13 Titans.

Two mistakes. A miss FG and a pick six does the Bears in. All in all great performance by the defense. Offense still needs to score TD in the red zone. 
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Bears/Giants Preseason Notes

Driving my BF nuts watching and taking notes on Monday Night Football preseason game here are my observations from the first team before the game got out of hand.

Bears D #1

Ahmad Bradshaw comes out the gate and dashes the Bears defense playing without Lance Briggs for a nine yard gain. Bears defense recovers on 2nd and 3rd down aided by a false start call that took away a first down for the Giants. Giants go 3 and out.

Giants 0 Bears 0

Bear O #1

Giants burry the Bears deep with a 63 yard punt and it is 1st and 10 at the Bears 16. Matt Forte first carry is a 1 yard loss. J'Marcus Webb jumps off side setting up 3rd in long. On third down Roy Williams catch attempt is bobled and reviewed to be not a catch which would been a first down. 3 and out and Jaws is quick to bring up the Bears leading the NFL in 3 and outs last year.

Giants 0 Bears 0

Bears D #2

Bears defense makes the Giants go another 3 and out with Mario Manningham dropping a sure catch on second down. On third down Julius Peppers switches side and is able to make Eli Manning hurry his throw for the incompletion. 

Giants 0 Bears 0

Bears O #2

Matt Forte goes no where on two runs and Roy williams drops another third down ball that would been a 1st down. Wiliams is targeted twice at this point with two drops. 

Giants 0 Bears 0

Bears D #3

Giants finally get the action started. Opening drive nets a 1st down ad Ahmad Bradshaw picks it up on 3rd and short. Next set Peppers gets another hurry on ELI and Tim Jennings makes a great play wrapping up a screen pass for little gain on 3rd. On 4th down Giants go for it, play of the game #1, Manning hits Victor Cruz on  wheel route and the play is ran to the bears 10 yard line. Gruden brings up the short bears DB's. (What is the deal with short WR and DB) Giants fail to get the ball in the endzone as Briggs replacement Brian Iwuh makes a great play to knock down a sure TD catch to Hakeem Nicks. Giants kick a FG.

Giants 3 Bears 3

Bears O #3
Bears on first down Cutler hits Devinj hester with a 30 yarder to Mid field. Next play, play of the game #2, Cutler hits Forte with a screen and Matt makes a couple great juke moves for a 42 yard gain to the Giants 8. Inside the 10 the bears shut down with hester on 2nd slipping wide open,

Giants 3 Bears 3

Bears D #4

Special Teams fail on the kickoff and the Giants start out with a short field on the bears 31. Bears stuff the run on first and eat up a reverse by Manningham. Bradshaw takes a screen from Manning on 3rd for the first. Next play Jacobs dashes up the middle for a 18 yard TD run.

Giants 10 Bears 3

Bears O #4

Cutler is finally sacked on the first play. great job by the Bears OL to this point. Sack however is on Jay for not throwing the ball away. On third down Kellen Davis drops a pass that would been a 1st. Bears punt. 

Giants 10 Bears 3

Bears D #5

Bears D cause another Eli hurry on 1st and Jacobs is hit for a 4 yard loss on 2nd. Eli on third makes a great play to Manningham for the 1st down on 3rd. A split screen to Nicks  ia for a loss next with Bradshaw gaining 11 yards to put the Giants in FG range. Next series a 1st is called back for illegal touching by Cruz and Giants settle for a FG. 

Giants 13 Bears 3

Bears O #5

Jonny Knox makes a great kickoff return to the Bears 40. Marion Barber takes a Cutler screen for a 1st down. Earl Bennett makes a great catch from Cutler for 33 yards to the Giants 20. Chester Taylor then comes in and goes no where again. Bennett runs a Wildcat play next that called back because of a holding call. Bennett catch on 3rd down is short of the 1st and bears settle for a FG.

Giants 13 Bears 6

Karr replces Eli on the Bears 6th defensive series and the main defenders for the Bears are sitting. From the first five series the Bears look the same on offense. Kicking FG's. Gruden makes a great point that Daniel Manning defense will be missed.And last note rookie tackle Gabe Carimi does a great job on Justin Tuck in the first half.
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NBA Eastern Conference Still Weak

Going into the All Star game break, the Eastern conference is once again reflecting two run away division leads, one up for grabs and several sub .500 teams with a legit chance of grabbing # 7 and spots. 
The East, at this point the Celtics, Heat, Bulls, Magic and Hawks are in. The order can change as the last 1/3 winds down to the playoffs. But we will see these five teams. The Knicks and Sixers have 6 and 7 for now. Pacers have the 8th over Bobcats with same amounts of wins but two less games played. 
Knicks and Sixers if they come out of the break stumbling might miss the layoffs. With the Pacers and bobcats, the Bucks and Pistons still can get hot and sneak in. Both teams have 21 wins and are 3 back from the 8th spot and 6 from 7th(Sixers). So its not a lock for the Knicks, who are only 2 games over  .500 28-26. 
The West. Once again compared to the East, this conference is balance from 1 to 8. The most likely 3 seed can still be decided by four teams. Thunder, Blazers, Nuggets and Jazz all have a shot at winning the Northwest. The Spurs have 46 wins but division foe Mavericks are at 40. Only one team at .500 the Suns has a chance to crack the playoffs which once again makes the West looking better then the East. 
If their any advantage lately comes playoffs time. The bottom three in the East are quick outs where as in the West you can go the max in the first two rounds. Might pay off for the East in getting rest. But maybe thats why the Lakers have won two out of the last three. They are tested. 

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Before any game is played I noticed on these boards plenty of statements on what will happen, why it will happen and a predicted score with it. Next fan comes on (opponent) and counters. Then the game is played and all the back and forth talk ends up as the term crow.

My definition of Crow: Making statement before the game based on your  judgement of teams record, stats and reputation. 

BCS Championship Game
Lets start with the BCS tittle game. On these boards for a month the predicted score was over 35 points for both teams. Oregon supporters felt L James, Thomas and   with their quick score offense will give Auburn fits all day. Au urn supporters felt that Cam Newton was a one man show, and since they where a Sec school the Ducks don't have a chance.
So what did we get? A close game decided at the end with a low score. Oregon defense step up to the task and Auburn defense made the key play with the safety. There was no shootout. Second Oregon kicking a FG after the goal line stand was a key to the Tigers win. 
Rose Bowl
With the Badgers OL and running game, TCU ranking and being favored won't matter. The Badgers are seen as a high scoring team that can run over anyone. TCU is seen as another Rocky Mountain school with no business being in the BCS. Most likely the BCS heads where glad when Utah and Boise took themselves out. 
TCU wins. Badgers are able to run the ball but the TCU defense only allows 2 td's. On offense, TCU makes JJ Watt a non factor and torch the Badgers secondary for three TD. Did we get the Badgers OL pushing TCU all day? No. 

Saints at Seahawks
NfC West in everyone minds was bad. Seattle wins it with a 7-9 record. They get to host a home playoff game and the opponent is the Saints. The talk turns to who will be the Saints next opponent. Its chalk up as a win because the Saints are the defending champions. The Saints came close to a first round bye. A 7-9 team has no reason hosting a home game in the playoffs.
Playing without Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory the Saints ride Drew Brees arm for 400 yards passing and 36 points.  The seahawks match it totaling 400+ to with Matt Hassselbeck passing for 270 and Marshawn Lynch 130+ on the ground. . The Saints jump out to a 10-3 lead and most likely everyone was thinking they where going to win. Seahawks score 17 in the second and are up at halftime by 4. Saints come back with 16 in the 4th and are up 2 before Lynch game clinching Td. 
Saints lose. Experts and most of us assuming are eating crow.

Watch The Games
I made a bad statement about the Packers having no runing game. Then James Starks runs for over 100 on the Eagles in the playoffs. Then a poster which I will keep nameless for this blog comes on a game thread on the COLLEGE FOOTBALL BOARDS to post a feel good reply. Thats Crow on my part. The less stupid prediction you make here will cause you to forget the taste of this dish. My new policy is to watch the games. Sure you can post up to the game. But it should be more about your own team problems and what you wish they can do about it. 
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